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Copper Plating

copper used for decorative and engineering purposes such as surface hardening, heat treatment stop-off, conductivity, as an underplate for other engineering coatings inorder to prevent intermolecular operability with the base substrate, for solderability, for electromagnetic interferences (EMI) shielding in electronic circuitry, and in certain joining operations.

Vinpla is specialized in copper plating for more than 22 years and expertised in this plating on various substrates.

our major specilization is copper plating on aluminum and its alloys as well as copper and brass. we do plating on stainless steel also.


we have two types of copper plating.

  1. Acidic copper plating - Sulfate based.
  2. Alkali copper plating - Cyanide based


  • Purity of copper is 99.9 %
  • Thickness up to 200 microns.
  • Substrates like nickel,steel,brass, aluminium and its alloys can be plated.
  • Under coats of nickel available.
  • Anti Tarnish treatment is also available.

Complaiance to standards:

Our copper plating complaince to various plating standards

  • ASTM B 734
  • MIL 14550
  • AMS 2418