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Welcome !

Vinpla Plating Welcomes you to our website .

Vinpla plating is a leading electroplating industry in south india, based in Bangalore providing match less electroplating services to customers all over the world.

We do plating for components and equipment in all fields of technology to protect the material against corrosion, Improve the surface properties such as conductivity and high resistance to wear and tear for better functionality and to achieve optimum decorative effects.

Vinpla is noted for its quality and on time delivery .

we are certified ISO 9001 Company in the year 2002 and moving towards AS9100 to cater the requirement of aerospace industries.

we serve industries but not limited to , Defence, Electricals and Electronics, Medical engineering, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Aerospace, Power sectors by providing wide range of quality process to National , International, Military standards and also customized for specific requirements.

You will be able to know us better , our services, capability, facilities, technologies while exploring this website. In some cases what you are trying to find will not be available and please don't hesitate to contact us to get the required details.